Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13- 8PM

Hoping all are happy to be home!  Thanks in advance for completing the to be e-mailed out shortly.

April 13- 9AM

Sweet sunrise over the Atlantic started our day.  Packing, breakfast (French Toast!), free time, Last Lesson, lunch, walk on the beach at low tide, load the luggage on the buses, and off we go at 1:00.  Phew!  No time for another blog, so we will see you at CBMS at 5:00!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12- 8PM

Various photos of the day down below.  Yes, we did get a few...only a few....drops of rain late this afternoon.  Found lots of cool ocean things on the beach at the noonday low tide.  Tide pools remain a highlight.  Expect us back to CBMS at 5PM tomorrow night...your kids are no doubt excited to be back in their own beds tomorrow night!

 Tide pooling with the Wizards.

 See, Mom and Dad, it isn't just their rooms at home!


Today we saw our first BRIEF rain shower....the temperature dropped a bit so we took the learning inside and under cover. There's lots of great places to learn here! Check out all the smiles!

BREAK TIME! Made new friends, keepin' the old......we're all Cougars!